Past Presidents

Philip Arruda
Philip Arruda

Philip Arruda is a Portuguese-Canadian insurance broker starting in 2013 and is currently the Vice President at The Regional Insurance Services Inc. Philip graduated with an MBA at the University of Guelph in Sustainable Commerce, which has given him the confidence to discuss the impact of business in society and communities. Philip has volunteered in several Portuguese cultural centres / organizations and is familiar with the businesses and professionals within the Portuguese-Canadian community. Being the son of Jose-Luis Arruda, a past president of FPCBP, Philip hopes makes his own mark in contributing to the important impact that FPCBP has on the Portuguese-Canadian community.


2022 Board

Phillip Arruda (Interim President), Jim Medeiros (Treasurer)|| Directors – Jason Arruda, Bela Cumberbatch, Peter De Quintal, Bernadette Fernandes, Susy Henriques, Ana Maria Kapralos, Melanie Melo, Laura Pacheco ||Trustees – Eduarda Sousa-Lall and Sergio Marques Ruivo

Helen Filipe
Helen Filipe


Helen’s passion for raising the profile of the Portuguese Canadian community is what drew her back to contribute to the advancement of the community. Helen had been involved with the Portuguese Canadian community of Toronto for over 20 years, including the Peniche Community Club, the Portuguese Canadian Student Federation, the Portuguese Interagency Network, and the Portuguese Canadian National Congress. She has also held Executive roles on Boards of Directors including the Abrigo Centre for 6 years, including being the Chairperson of Abrigo Centre.

Helen has over 25 years of experience in education, training, career development, academic advising, and program development. Helen has helped thousands of students and job seekers as they face career transitions, from secondary school to post-secondary, and as they progress in their career advancement. She has worked at Canada’s top schools, including the University of Toronto, Humber Institute for Technology and Advanced Learning, University of Guelph-Humber. She has facilitated training sessions for provincial and federal departments developed programs for social service agencies and delivered custom workshops and seminars for corporate clients. Helen completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Ethics, Society in Law at the University of Toronto, and Master of Arts in Education from Central Michigan University.

2022 Board

HELEN FILIPE (R), Phillip Arruda (Vice President and Interim President), Jim Medeiros (Treasurer)|| Directors – Jason Arruda, Tania Barbosa (R), Bela Cumberbatch, Peter De Quintal, Bernadette Fernandes, Susy Henriques, Ana Maria Kapralos, Melanie Melo, Laura Pacheco ||Trustees – Eduarda Sousa-Lall and Sergio Marques Ruivo

**(R) resigned prior to end of term

Ana Maria Faria

Ana Maria Faria is a seasoned philanthropic executive with diverse leadership experience in the charitable and not-for-profit sector, and has been inspiring philanthropic support for the performing arts, post-secondary education, accessibility and literacy programs in Canada for over18 years. She is passionate about facilitating change, building capacity, and delivering results.

Ana Maria was a member of the Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business & Professionals before joining the Board of Directors in 2020 and later elected President of the FPCBP in June 2021. Ana Maria led by example, sharing her time, talent and generosity. She served and lead the Federation into its 40th Anniversary and dutifully fulfilled her term in office. Under her leadership and guidance along with the commitment and collaboration of each member of the

board, the Federation became more successful, resilient and robust as it emerged from the devasting global pandemic.

Honoured to have served and grateful for the experience and new friendships.

2021 Board of Directors:

Ana Maria Faria- President, Philip Arruda – Vice-President, Paulo Jr. Pereira – Treasurer, Manny Andrade, Jason Arruda, Melissa de Simas, Susy Henriques, Paul Medeiros, Laura

Pacheco, Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall, and Eddie Suliman.

Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall
(2018, 2019, 2020)

Mover and Shaker of HOPE and Kindness. Entrepreneur. Outreach Ambassador. Advocate. Applied Anthropologist to STOP Human Trafficking.

Born in New York, U.S.A. and a proud member of a family legacy, which embraces their Portuguese-Italian Heritage. Eduarda studied at the University of Toronto and received her Masters in Anthropology and Archaeology with a Minor in Languages.

A Member of the Adoption Council of Ontario, Eduarda is an Advocate for the Adoption Community, focusing on International Adoptions. Whilst fostering a more cohesive rapport between the Adoption Community and the Canadian Government.

Combining both her Advocacy and Entrepreneurial Vocation, Eduarda builds connections with others, through the Greener Still Way and the Happy Neighborhood Project.

Eduarda has an Attitude for Gratitude, a zest for Life and a CN Tower Edge-Walker.  A Mother with a Mission, she lives in Toronto with her husband and their two sons.

2018 Board

EDUARDA LEE SOUSA-LALL, Kim Ferreira (Vice-President), Maria Jose Martins (Treasurer), Denise Gouveia (Secretary)||Directors – José Cabral, Amanda Caldas, Stephanie Dantas, Melissa de Simas, Susy Henriques, Ulysses Pratas, Roger Reis, Sara Vieira || Matthew Correia (Office Manager) || Trustees – Michelle F. Jorge, Sergio Ruivo

2019 Board

EDUARDA LEE SOUSA-LALL, Ulysses Pratas (Vice-President), Amanda Caldas (Secretary)|| Directors – John Ribeiro, Larry Vieira, Mario Rosado, Melissa de Simas, Michael Fonseca, Sara Vieira, Susy Henriques, Matthew Correia (Office Manager) || Trustees – Kim Ferreira, Sergio Ruivo

2020 Board

EDUARDA LEE SOUSA-LALL, Paulo Rocha (Vice-President), Sergio Ruivo (Treasurer) || Amanda Caldas, Ana Maria Faria, Eddie Suliman, John Ribeiro, Melissa de Simas, Philip Arruda, Sara Vieira, Susy Henriques, Matthew Correia (Office Manager) || Trustees – Kim Ferreira, Michelle F. Jorge

Michelle F. Jorge
(2016, 2017)

Michelle Jorge applies a hands-on approach to her practice that delivers results to her clients through dedicated representation and relentless pursuit of the full amount of compensation possible. She has represented injury victims and their families in many levels of court, including the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. She has acted as counsel at trial, and represented individuals before the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Canada Pension Plan Review Tribunal, and the ODSP Tribunal. Michelle is a past president of the FPCBP and a past member of the Board of Directors for the National Case Management Network. Michelle has also served as a past chair of the New Lawyers Division for the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, and has co-chaired and lectures at conferences held by many organizations. She has also written for the Litigator and is a member of the Ontario Bar Association.

2016 Board

MICHELLE F. JORGE, Sergio Ruivo (Vice-President), Lucas Pereira (Secretary), Paulo Pereira (Treasurer), Kim Ferreira (Treasurer) || Directors – Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall, Melissa De Simas, Paul Rocha, Susie Dantas, Susy Henriques, Tony Araujo || Matthew Correia (Executive Director) || Trustees – Daniel Correia

2017 Board

MICHELLE F. JORGE, Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall (Vice-President), Sergio Ruivo (Treasurer), Melissa De Simas (Secretary) || Directors – Susy Henriques, Stephanie Dantas, Amanda Caldas, José Cabral, Kim Ferreira, Denise Gouveia, Sara Vieira, || Matthew Correia (Executive Director) || Trustees – Daniel Correia, Lucas Pereira

Sergio Ruivo
(2014, 2015)

Sergio Ruivo was born in Leiria, Portugal and immigrated to Canada with his family at a young age. Sergio graduated from university in 1985 with Honours Bachelor Degree in Finance and was admitted to Order of Chartered Accountants of Ontario in 1987. Sergio is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years experience in public accounting/management consulting. He spent several years within industry in senior financial roles, before moving into the commodity sales tax consulting field and a return to the practice of public accounting primarily serving the needs of the Portuguese business community. Sergio is a past Treasurer and President of the FPCBP, and has been on the boards of various other community organizations over the years.

2014 Board

SERGIO RUIVO, Daniel Correia (Vice President), Nicole Cipriano (Secretary), Tony Araujo (Treasurer) || Directors – Catarina Barroso, Fernando Dias Costa, Susie Dantas, Pedro Da Fonseca, Inés Gomes, Susy Henriques, Paulo Pereira, Bruna Villani, Joana Fonseca || Trustees

2015 Board

SERGIO RUIVO, Daniel Correia (Vice President), Hugo Levita, Nicole Cipriano, Tony Araujo, Paulo Pereira, Susie Dantas, Susy Henriques, Paul Rocha, Kim Ferreira, Daniel Gaspar, Bruna Villani || Trustees

Cristina Martins
(2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

Cristina served as President of the Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business & Professionals for 4 ½ years having previously served as a Director. She also sat as a Director with the Greater Toronto Business Association and with the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Toronto.   With a Bachelor of Science degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Cristina has a wide breadth of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, spanning more than fifteen years and having worked in Canada, US and in Europe (Portugal).  She has worked in areas such as Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Health Economics, and Corporate Affairs.

Elected in 2014, Cristina was the Member of Provincial Parliament for the riding of Davenport.  She is the first Portuguese-Canadian woman elected member of Government in Ontario. She has served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade and is currently Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development and Growth.  As the MPP for Davenport, Cristina is proud to have represented the riding with the largest Portuguese-Canadian population in Ontario. She cares deeply about the communities in Davenport and about the future of Ontario.

Cristina was born in Gouveia, Portugal and came to Canada with her family in 1970. She is married to Fernando Martins and has two young boys, André and David.

2010 Board

CRISTINA MARTINS, Helen Resendes (Vice President), Michael Camacho (Treasurer),  Jamie Iria (Secretary) || Directors – Josie Caldas, David dos Reis, Bryan Carvalho, Leonel (Lee) Fernandes, Giuseppe Arpino || Trustees Manuel Brito de Fialho, Paul Silva, David dos Reis

2011 Board

CRISTINA MARTINS, Josie Caldas, Leonel (Lee) Fernandes, John Lopes, Giuseppe Arpino, Daniel Correia, Jamie Iria, Manuel Lomba

2012 Board

CRISTINA MARTINS, Josie Caldas, Michael Vieira, John Lopes, Tony Araujo, Daniel Correia, Manuel Lomba, Lalita Pereira, Bruna Anacleto, Jamie Iria, Ana Fernandes-Iria

2013 Board

CRISTINA MARTINS, Daniel Correia, Michael Vieira, Tony Araujo, Bruna Anacleto, Nicole Cipriano, Susie Dantas, Susy Henriques, Kristine Medeiros, Lalita Pereira, AnaBela Taborda

Manuel de Brito Fialho

September 25, 1941 – December 28, 2022

Formado em Ciências Política pela Universidade de York. Com diversos cargos a nível profissional no BCP Bank, BMO Bank of Montréal e IC Savings.

Fundador e Presidente: Casa do Alentejo, Aliança dos Clubes e Associações Portuguesas do Ontario (ACAPO), Congresso Luso-Canadiano, Federação de Empresários/as e Profissional Luso-Canadianos/as (FPCBP).

2009 Board

MANUEL DE BRITO FIALHO, Ana Fernandes, Josie Caldas, Michael Camacho, Elder Marques, Ana Vitorino, Helen Resendes, David dos Reis, Suzy Melo, Paul Silva, Cristina Martins, Humberta Araujo

Paul Silva
Paul Silva

The Federation is a key business organization in the Portuguese Canadian community that has been a pillar of our community for many years.  We are very privileged to have such an excellent group of business people and professionals who gather to combine the power of networking and the spreading of good for the benefit of all.  I had the privilege of sitting on the Board of Directors for four years and serving as the President in 2008.  That year was filled with great events that highlighted the strength of our community and the strength of the Federation as a “connector” for business people and professionals in our community. I am very grateful for being a member of the Federation and for having had the privilege of servings its members in the past. I am looking forward to many more years of greatness for the Federation as we celebrate this milestone in its history.

2008 Board

PAUL SILVA, Francine António, Josie Caldas, Sergio Ruivo, Lena Barreto, Ana Fernandes, Fernando D. Martins, Jude Fernandes, William Ribeiro, Ana Vitorino, Susy Melo, Elder Marques

Madalena (Lena) Barreto
Madalena (Lena) Barreto

My year as President of the FPCBP in 2007 was an opportunity to sustain some of the great work done by past Presidents such as the Scholarship Program and the Business Excellence. It offered me the ability to meet some very exceptional members of our Community and create lasting friendships. I’m positively thrilled that the International Women’s Day lunch started in 2007 is still ongoing,  plus the scholarship it creates which is given to a young woman continuing on to a post-secondary education.

2007 Board

MADALENA (LENA) BARRETO, Avelino Fonseca (Vice President), Francine António (Secretary), Sergio Ruivo (Treasurer) || Directors – Lu Amaral, Fernando D. Martins, Jude Fernandes, Josie Caldas, Eunice Machado, Paula Oliveira, Paul Silva, Teresa Melo (1965-2008)

Ana Bailão
(2005, 2006)

The opportunity to serve our community as the President of the Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business Professionals (2005/06 and 2006/07) was defined by the supportive partnerships created with community members, leaders and business professionals throughout our Portuguese Canadian community.

During my time as President, I was proud to celebrate the milestone 25th anniversary of the organization and to be part of the Portuguese History and Heritage Project. As President, I committed to expanding the positive work the federation does and am proud to have grown the scholarship program to provide new opportunities for students across Canada.

Hosting dignitaries, including former Premier Dalton McGuinty, has been an honour and we were fortunate enough to be joined by now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Scholarship Gala, before he was an elected official!

Throughout the years, I have always appreciated the support of the Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business Professionals and will always be thankful for the opportunity to have served our community.

2005 Board

ANA BAILÃO, Cristina Marques, Fernando Clotildes, Silvia Jacinto, Kelly Da Fonseca, Pedro Pinto, Cidália C. Fária, Julio M. De Jesus, Avelino Fonseca, John Peter Ferreira, Aldina Costa, Francine António, Charles Sousa, Leo Pereira

2006 Board

ANA BAILÃO, Avelino Fonseca (Vice President), Silvia Jacinto (Treasurer), Cidália C. Fária (Secretary) || Directors – Kelly Da Fonseca, Pedro Pinto,  Eunice Machado, Teresa Melo, Paul Silva, Julio M. De Jesus, Madalena (Lena) Barreto, Francine António, John Paul Macedo || José Borges, Paula Oliveira

Leo Pereira

As a proud volunteer, I have had the honour and satisfaction to have represented several organizations in our Luso-Canadian Community. I consider it an extraordinary privilege to have served the FPCBP as President of the Board in 2004-2005.

Ao longo dos anos, tenho tido a oportunidade e satisfação de ter feito parte e representado algumas das muitas organizações e associações da nossa comunidade Luso-Canadiana. Dessas diversas representações, considero um privilegio o facto de ter servido a FPCBP na qualidade de Presidente da Direçāo no binênio 2004-2005.

2004 Board

LEO PEREIRA, John Paul Macedo (Vice President), Fernando Clotildes (Secretary), Ermidio Alves (Treasurer) || Directors – Kelly Da Fonseca, António Aires, Aldina Costa, Avelino Fonseca, Cristina Marques, Fernando Rio || Fló da Silva, Helder Gomes,  José Borges, Luis Arruda

Ermidio Alves

A licensed real estate broker since 1977, Ermidio is president of Prudential ELFA Realty a real estate and property management company based in Brampton that has been in business for 30 years. A fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada, and active volunteer in Peel Region since 1975, Ermidio has been a director of the Imperial Portuguese Club, Portuguese Heritage Committee, and Portuguese Community Centre in Brampton. He was also a director of the Peel Memorial Hospital Foundation, an organization he served proudly for six years. In 2000, Ermidio was awarded the Vasco da Gama Entrepreneur of Excellence award.

2003 Board

ERMIDIO F. ALVES, Alda Neves, Avelino Fonseca, Rita De Melo, Kelly Da Fonseca, António Aires, Helder Gomes, Fló da Silva, Ana Paula Gois-Oliveira, Richard Pereira, John Paul Macedo, Paul De Melo, Joseph A. Almeida, Paulo Rocha, Luis Salvador, Manny Coelho

Carlos Alberto
Carlos Alberto Teixeira

Born in Luanda, Angola to Azorean parents, Carlos‘ family moved to Toronto in 1961 seeking greater opportunities. Carlos met wife Margaret while he was at York University pursuing a bachelor of arts, before switching to accounting – they now have four sons. Carlos Jr. currently runs Teixeira Accounting Firm, which was established in 1973 by the late David Sousa Teixeira. Carlos is a founding member of the Portuguese Canadian Golf Association and the Chief Financial Officer of the Davenport Federal Liberal Riding Association.

2002 Board

CARLOS ALBERTO TEIXEIRA, José Eustáquio, Rita de Melo, Richard Pereira, Louis Louro Jr., Tony Soares,  Sally Esteves, Joe Almeida, Alda Neves, Georgette Nunes, Ana Paula Oliveira, Vasco Morgado, Patrícia Marques, Victor Sousa

José L. Pinto
José L. Pinto

Born in Trás-os-Montes, Portugal, in the town of Parafita (Montalegre), José arrived in Belleville in 1974. Moving to Toronto in 1986, he has been a certified financial planner for nearly 20 years and is a founding partner of Brownstone Investment Planning Inc. – a firm that manages more than $400 million. José remains deeply connected (physically and affectionately) to his hometown and very committed to promoting its wealth of traditions, geographical attributes and culinary wonders among his friends in Canada. José was president of Club Transmontano for five years. In 2002, he also founded the Portuguese Canadian Golfers Association – an organization with more than 200 members. Married to Ana, José has three children.

2001 Board

JOSÉ L. PINTO, Vasco Morgado, Luis Salvador, Manuel Gaspar, Laura Lima, Georgette Nunes, Art Sousa, Paul de Melo, Paulo Rocha, Manuel Da Costa, Sally Esteves, Connie Figueiredo, Charles Sousa, Carlos Laborde-Basto

Charles Sousa
A. Charles Sousa

Charles is the former Minister of Finance for the Province of Ontario. He has been a director for corporate business development in RBC‘s Commercial Markets sector, and was previously the senior manager of Government Affairs at RBC Financial Group‘s National Head Office. Charles is also an active director for various charitable based foundations, non-profit groups and chambers of commerce. He was also appointed as Conselheiro na Rede Confederaçåo Internacional dos Empresários Portugueses for Canada.

2000 Board

CHARLES SOUSA, Paul de Melo, Manuel Gaspar, Luis Salvador, Palmira Almeida, Rui Gomes, José Pinto, Carlos Laborde-Basto, Laura Lima, Eugénio Medeiros, José Pimental, Art Sousa, Manny Coelho, Louis Louro Jr.

Louis Louro
Louis Louro Jr.

Louis is CEO of Louro Jewellers Inc. and Tenda Do Louro Jewellery Museum (TDLJ). For over a century, the Louro family‘s name has been synonymous with fine metal works and fine jewellery design. In the past 25 years, based in Yorkville-Toronto, Louro Jewellers has continued a tradition of excellence. Louis is a geologist and graduate jeweller, and is a frequent guest educational speaker on geology and jewellery to various schools and associations. Louis is a Canadian award-winning designer whose designs have adorned heads of state, members of the Presley family, and other Hollywood stars. Louis has received twice the “Canadian Jewellers Choice” awarded by his peers, and for the last two years, Louro Jewellers has been selected the “Best of the Best Jeweller” and “Jeweller of the Year” by the People Choice Award and Mark of Execellence. The foundation of the TDLJ Museum is Louis‘s most recent endeavour, an institutional marvel that not only educates, but showcases the history of jewellery and humanity.

1999 Board

LOUIS LOURO JR., Charles Sousa (Vice President), Carlos Laborde-Basto (VP-Secretary), Carlos Teixeira (Treasurer) || Directors – Rui Gomes, Eugénio Medeiros, José L. Pinto, Luis Salvador,  Paul  de Melo, Daniel Fernandes, Hernani Costa Palma  || Trustees – Manuel Gaspar, David Costa, Luis Arruda

David Costa

A successful Senior Lawyer in Toronto, David has been affiliated with many legal organizations, including the Criminal Lawyers Association, Canadian Bar Association, Toronto Real Estate Lawyers Association, Metropolitan Toronto Lawyers Association and the Advocates Society. David‘s law firm, Costa Law Firm, has assisted in providing free legal services to organizations such as the Mississauga Club and the Ryan Leal Memorial Fund. He has also been repeatedly voted “Best Lawyer” by the community – a distinction he is ever grateful for. David is also a previous FPCBP scholarship recipient.

As FPCBP president, David was lucky enough to have been helped by some of the Portuguese Community’s most dedicated supporters and successful entrepreneurs and leaders (as examples, each of Carlos Alberto Teixeira, Charles Sousa, Louis Louro Jr. and José Pinto would rise to their respective occasions as future Presidents).  With such dynamos that managed to:

(1) move out of Armindo Silva’s generously provided basement to the College Street Office

(2) hire actual staff to conquer logistics and implement effective routines

(3) set up a new internet site

(4) run a Membership recruitment campaign

The most vivid memory of their progress was installing a real boardroom table to replace the door/table that had been used over the years, with its’ gaping hole where the doorknob used to be.  David Costa will always be grateful to mentors Arnaldo Santos, Fernando Dias Costa, Raimundo Favas and Almiro Foseca for their selfless support and good humour throughout.

1998 Board

DAVID COSTA, Carlos Laborde-Basto, César de Morais, Mariette Matos, Mario Augusto, Augusto Costa, Rui Gomes, Louis Louro Jr. Eugénio Medeiros, José L. Pinto, Charles Sousa, Luis Arruda

Ricardo de Castro Lopo

Born in Mozambique to a Portuguese father and English mother, Ricardo moved to South Africa when he was 15 years old. While in South Africa, he earned a Business of Commerce (Honours) in Financial Management at the Universities of Natal and South Africa, and his MIAC from the Institute of Administration and Commerce of South Africa. In 1993, he moved to Canada, where he completed the requirements of the Canadian Securities Institute, and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. He is a professional Investment Advisor with Canaccord Capital Corporation in Toronto. He is also the founder and first president of the “Académia do Bacalhau de Toronto” and also contributed to the establishment of the Academia’s second chapter in North America – “Académia do Bacalhau de Newark”.  Ricardo is the Co-Founder and President of the Portuguese Language Writers of Canada – “Gremio Literario”.  He also has extensive involvement in professional, charitable and sporting clubs and organizations.

The year that Ricardo joined the FPCBP the offices were in the basement of The Regional Insurance Brokers on Dundas Street.  The Directors sat in meetings on rickety chairs with an old door as its’ Board Room table.  Ricardo voiced his concern and was pleased to see that the FPCBP’s next president (David Costa) succeeded in getting respectable offices for the FBCBP on the top floor of the building that housed the First Portuguese.

Ricardo was keen to encourage cooperation between the various community based Chambers of Commerce  in Canada (Italian, Chinese, Swiss, German, British and others) and in encouraging further involvement of the FPCBP with the European Chambers of Commerce.  Ricardo organized a lunch-meeting for the Presidents of these community based Chambers at the Ontario Club to which all FPCBPs Past-Presidents were invited. Joint business Networking Opportunities and possible Joint Trade Shows could have resulted from the strengthening of these relationships, providing greater exposure for Luso-Canadians outside of their own community.

At that time, there was no “Free Trade” between Canada and European countries. Ricardo was keen on getting the conversation on this and other issues started, hoping to place the FPCBP front and centre taking into account Portugal’s participation in the European Union.

Ricardo was also keen on seeing the FPCBP have a stronger advocacy role on behalf of its’ members in its’ dealings with the Canadian government, the Portuguese government and wherever the interests needed to be served.

The other area of interest, was to establish links with similar Portuguese Community Chambers of Commerce, Business and Professional associations spread around the World.

Regrettably, Ricardo’s time as President of the FPCBP was cut short as his views distinctly clashed  with those of most elements of the Board of Directors.

Ricardo witnessed that the FPCBP has continued to successfully focus on providing Bursaries for students and awards for Business Excellence, which addresses its’ founding objectives.

Ricardo was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his involvement in Canada and its’ communities (Portuguese Community and other Canadian communities).

1998 Board

RICARDO DE CASTRO LOPO, Carlos Laborde-Basto, César de Morais, Mariette Matos, Mario Augusto, Augusto Costa, Rui Gomes, Louis Louro Jr. Eugénio Medeiros, José L. Pinto, Charles Sousa, Luis Arruda

José-Luis Reis de Arruda

Born in Såo Miguel, Azores, José-Luis was president of the Portuguese Cultural Centre of Mississauga in 1986, and in 2005 was elected to be president of the general assembly. With a master‘s degree in business administration, he co-founded The Regional Insurance Services Inc., and was also a member of the Broker Advisory Panel for Zurich Canada from 1996-1998. He is also a former trustee of the Toronto Western Hospital. José-Luis and his wife Juliana have one son, Philip.

1996 Board

LUIS ARRUDA, Louis Louro Jr., Paul de Melo, John de Ponte, John Peter Ferreira, Pedro Pimentel, David Costa, Connie Freitas, Mary-Lou De Jesus, Tony Araujo, Jorge Ramos

1997 Board

LUIS ARRUDA, Louis Louro Jr., Manny Coelho, Paul de Melo, John de Ponte, John Peter Ferreira, Pedro Pimentel, Leo Pereira, David Costa, Connie Freitas, Michael A. Gomes, Arnold Santos

Almiro Fonseca

A Canadian citizen born in Portugal, Almiro moved to Canada in 1974 at the age of 26. Married with a son and daughter and grandson, Almiro lives and works in Mississauga at his company, Euro Moulds Inc. He has worked in the plastic and die-casting industry since he was 14. Almiro is co-founder and director of the Portuguese Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Toronto.

1994 Board

ALMIRO FONSECA, David Costa, Ruben Goulart, Carlos Teixeira, Carlos De Castro, IlÍdio Coito, Rui Ruivo, Ana Bento, Paul Branco, Julio Ceirão, Raimundo Favas, Amilcar Jacinto, Arnold Santos, Armindo Silva

1995 Board

ARNOLD SANTOS, Pedro Pimentel, David Costa, Mary-Lou De Jesus, Ruben Goulart, Carlos Teixeira, Dr. Paul Branco, Carlos de Castro, IlÍdio Coito, Rui Ruivo, Ana Bento, Almiro Fonseca, Manny Gonçalves

Raimundo Favas

Born in Alpiarça, Portugal, Raimundo came to Canada in 1980 moving first to Montreal before arriving in Toronto three months later. He earned his insurance broker‘s licence and soon afterwards opened his own business, Favas Services Inc. in Mississauga where he lives with his wife and three children. Raimundo is a founding member of the Portuguese Cultural Centre of Mississauga’s building fund committee where he was instrumental in helping to raise the money needed to purchase its building. The Ontario Government recognized his commitment to his community with a volunteer award.

1993 Board

RAIMUNDO FAVAS, David Costa, Ruben Goulart, Amilcar Jacinto, Arnold Santos, Josie Da Silva, Manuel Alves, Dr. José Da Costa, Almiro Fonseca, John Gomes, Alberto Rocha, Peter Ferreira, Virgilio Pires

Arnold Santos
(1991, 1992, 1995)

Arnold was born in the Azores and came to Canada with his family in 1957. He has operated a busy tool and die business, Olympic Tool and Die Inc., for the past 30 years in Mississauga, where he lives with his family. Arnold is a long-time member of the FPCBP (16 years), a member of the Rotary Club for nine years, and is also a member of the Academia do Bacalhau.

1991 Board

ARNOLD SANTOS, Josie Da Silva, Dr. José Da Costa, Almiro Fonseca, Raimundo Favas, Fernando Dias Costa, Mario Ervalho, Manuel Calhau, Manuel Duarte, Idalina Leandro, Victor Rosa, Carlos Silva

1992 Board

ARNOLD SANTOS, David Costa, Ruben Goulart, Josie Da Silva, Manuel Alves, Dr. José Da Costa, Almiro Fonseca, John Gomes, Peter Ferreira, Virgilio Pires, Raimundo Favas, Fernando Dias Costa, Mario Ervalho

1995 Board

ARNOLD SANTOS, Pedro Pimental, David Costa, Mary-Lou De Jesus, Ruben Goulart, Carlos Teixeira, Dr. Paul Branco, Carlos de Castro, IlÍdio Coito, Rui Ruivo, Ana Bento, Almiro Fonseca, Manny Gonçalves

Nellie Pedro

Since she was 14 years old, Nellie has dedicated thousands of hours to many community organizations – often taking a leadership role. She was a member of the United Way Board of Trustees and chair of the Portuguese Coalition for Better Education. A founding member of the Canada Portugal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nellie has also been a public school trustee and a provincial Liberal candidate. The first woman to serve as president of the FPCBP, she obtained a certificate in radio and television arts from Ryerson Polytechnic University. Currently, Nellie and her husband are partners of CPTV Productions and Gente da Nossa Inc. In 1993, Nellie was awarded the Canada 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal for service to the community. She came to Canada from Portugal in 1970 and she and husband Cesar Pedro have one son.

1990 Board

NELLIE PEDRO, Mario Ervalho, Idalina Leandro, Victor Sousa, Victor Rosa, Connie Vieira, Agnelo de Costa, Alberto Pereira, Anibal Luis, Arnold Santos, Emmanuel Goulart, Judge Lamartine Silva

Frank Alvarez
(1988, 1989)

Born in Arbo, Spain, Frank moved with his family to Lisbon in 1952. In 1967, he moved to Toronto and opened Império restaurant and catering. Later, he enrolled in television production at George Brown College. An award-winning broadcaster, Frank is president and CEO of CIRV Radio 88.9FM multicultural radio. He is also the founder and past president of the weekly Portuguese newspaper “O Milenio,” and president of FP TV, a national digital 24-hour specialty Portuguese TV program. Frank is also past executive director of the Canada-Portugal Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.

I am proud to have had the opportunity and privilege to serve as the President of the Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business and Professionals in 1988 and 1989.

During my tenure as President of FPCBP, the focus of our direct involvement with the Luso-Canadian business community was to help its members find ways to further grow and integrate within the mainstream Canadian business community, while protecting its unique interests from external factors. In terms of accomplishments, the highlight was a paid study, initiated and overseen by FPCBP, that assessed the impact of an amendment to the Consumers and Commercial Act being proposed by the Government of Ontario. The study concluded that the amendment, if it were to become law, would have had a very negative impact on the small business community, as this proposal would prevent its members from having any contact with clients who owed them money. FPCBP formally submitted this study to the Minister of Consumers and Commercial Relations at Queen’s Park and ultimately the amendment was rejected. While FPCBP can not take full credit for the outcome, its contribution was highly valued and there is no doubt that it influenced a decision that not only helped protect the Portuguese Canadian Business community, but also the small business community at large.

1988 Board

FRANK ALVAREZ,  John F. Santos, Irene Faria, Rosa Duarte, Luis Jeronimo, Armindo Silva, Manuel Ricardo, Fernando Dias Costa, Jaime Nascimento

1989 Board

FRANK ALVAREZ, Manuel Alves, Fernando Dias Costa, Irene Faria, Rosa Duarte, Luis Jeronimo, Idalina Leandro, Joe Lobo, Nellie Pedro, John F. Santos, Armindo Silva, Maria Skultety, Luis Arruda

João Neves

February 3, 1942 – January 16, 1998

The FPCBP thanks João Neves for all his hard work and dedication

1988 Board

JOÃO NEVES, Frank Alvarez, John F. Santos, Irene Faria, Rosa Duarte, Luis Jeronimo, Armindo Silva, Manuel Ricardo, Fernando Dias Costa, Jaime Nascimento

Fernando Dias Costa
(1986, 1987)

Fernando is a founding member of the FPCBP. A lawyer practicing in Toronto since 1977, he has been active in various Portuguese Canadian community organizations since the early ’70s. Fernando has held numerous civic appointments at the City of Toronto, including the Planning Board, Historical Board, Board of Health, and the Committee of Adjustment. He has served as a Director of the Crown Corporation Innovations Ontario, providing venture capital to cutting edge technology. He has chaired quasi judicial boards at both the provincial and federal level. Chair of the Review Tribunal dealing appeals under Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security. He has presided over panels dealing with police disciplinary matters under previous provincial legislation dealing with civilian oversight.  More recently he was appointed as a member of the Physician Payment Review Board of Ontario. Fernando is a former counsel to the Consulate General of Portugal.

1986 Board

FERNANDO DIAS COSTA, José Santos, Armindo Silva, Virgilio Pires, João Neves, Luis Arruda, Joseph Amorim, Maria Skultety, Irene Faria, César de Morais, John F. Santos, Antonio Reis, Jorge Ribeiro

1987 Board

FERNANDO DIAS COSTA, Frank Alvarez, José Santos, Armindo Silva, Manuel Ricardo, Virgilio Pires, João Neves, Luis Arruda, Joseph Amorim, Tony Azevedo, Tony Reis, Maria Skultety, Judge Lamartine Silva

John F. Santos

Before founding the FPCBP, John was president of the First Portuguese Canadian Club – a position he held for four years. Raised in Lisbon, he moved to Canada in 1960 where he earned his real estate brokers licence and is now president of Re/Max Homecentre Inc. A previous delegate for Portugal‘s Secretary of State and Immigration, John met Queen Elizabeth II through the Toronto Arts Council in 1973 and received an achievement award from the City of Toronto in 1983. He has held a number of government appointments, including the Assessment Review Board, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Police Complaints Board, Refugee Status Advisory Committee and Canadian Consultative Council of Multiculturism. For the past 10 years, John has been the vice chair of the Portuguese Canadian Credit Union. Living in Etobicoke, he is married with a son and daughter.

1985 Board

JOHN F. SANTOS, Armindo Silva, Irene Faria, Jorge Ribeiro, Manny Gonçalves, Fernando Dias Costa, Delfin Viana, Alberto Pereira, Francisco Silva

Armindo Silva
(1982, 1983, 1984)

Armindo is a founding member of the FPCBP serving both as president and trustee, and helped pioneer the scholarship program. Four years after he arrived in Canada in 1961, Armindo started his own business and became a registered insurance broker in Ontario. With a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Toronto, he is a partner and executive director of The Regional Insurance Services Inc. Armindo was appointed to the board of the Skydome Corporation in 1985, where he served as director for nine years. In 1988, he ran as a federal nomination candidate for Mississauga East. Armindo is also a founding member of the Portugal Canada Chamber of Commerce and was on the board of the United Way.

1982 Board

ARMINDO SILVA, Vasco D’Avillez, Laura Bulger, Delkar Maia, Germano Gonçalves, Fernando Dias Costa, Alberto Pereira, Tina Gabriel, John F. Santos, César de Morais, Octavio Sampaio, João Gomes

1983 Board

ARMINDO SILVA, Vasco D’Avillez, Laura Bulger, Delkar Maia, José Borges, Michael Moreira, Emília Junio, Germano Gonçalves, Fernando Dias Costa, Alberto Pereira, Tina Gabriel, John F. Santos

1984 Board

ARMINDO SILVA, Luis Arruda, Manny Gonçalves, Fernando Dias Costa, Alberto Pereira, Joseph Amorim, Tina Gabriel, John F. Santos, Michael Moreira, João Neves, Bento São José, Frank Silva