Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall

Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall

Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall is honoured to embrace her Luso-Italian Heritage. Born in New York, U.S.A. to extraordinary parents and a proud member of a Family Legacy, that includes one of the first Pioneers to arrive from Lisbon, Portugal on the shores of Halifax, Canada, Pier 21 in 1953 and the arrival of her father, the following year.  Summers spent in Portugal to Saturday mornings spent in Portuguese School, there has always been a wonderful reminder of the importance of Family, Parental Roots, Respect and Mindfulness for others. To persevere and to motivate a positive contribution in our Community!  Through the years, Eduarda maintained a connection with the Portuguese Community. During her last year of High School, she volunteered as an Assistant at Summer Camp, which was held in the First Portuguese Club. Having the opportunity to enjoy her father’s Folklore and Traditions, Eduarda danced in the “Rancho Folclórico da Nazaré”.

Eduarda studied at the University of Toronto and received her Masters in Anthropology and Archaeology with a Minor in Languages.   A privilege and honour to be selected along with a group of other International Students (Summer of 1980 & 1981) and to participate in the Archaeological excavation of Le Flageolet I (Commune de Bezé\nac – Dordogne, France).  As well as, attend a private viewing of Lascaux Caves, Limousin, France accompanied by Professor Jean-Philippe Rigáud (Université Bordeaux).

Having lived in various locales, surrounded by diverse Cultures, Traditions, Religions and Languages, experiences that rendered a unique perspective towards Life. One element that they ALL had in common, is that FOOD requires NO PASSPORT and is often offered as a token of Hospitality and Friendship! A Foodie by Nature, Eduarda studied Culinary Arts in Chicago, which morphed into sculpting Cakes and Sugar Flowers. Her passion and attention to detail for creating Botanically correct Sugar Flowers, lead to Competitions and a part-time teaching opportunity in 2013 at the prestigious Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts in Toronto.  A member of the Canadian Society of Sugar Artistry (Non-Profit Organization est. 1986), Eduarda participated on the Board as a Director and Coordinator of the Marketing Committee (2010) and held the Position of President (2011-2013).

Apart from being an Entrepreneurial Mother and  Relationship Marketing Manager at SendOutCards, Eduarda spends her time as a Volunteer. As a Member of the Adoption Council of Ontario, Eduarda is a Mother with a Mission and an Advocate for the Adoption Community, focusing primarily on International Adoption and Canadian Immigration Laws. Always striving to improve awareness at the Provincial and Federal Levels and to foster a more cohesive rapport between the Adoption Community and the Government.

“HOPE with WHEELS” is an Outreach Program of the HAVEN on the Queensway (Non-Profit Organization and Recipient of the Prestigious Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award for “Social Innovator” 2014). Eduarda and a team of volunteers, offer Hope and feed the Homeless (throughout the streets of Toronto) and at L.A.M.P.  HARM Reduction Program (Etobicoke).  Most individuals are stricken with Substance Abuse and Mental Illness.  In 2015, under the guidance of World Vision Canada and the L.E.A.P. Community Assessment Program, Eduarda designed a strategic Outreach Program (part of the Haven on the Queensway) and is the Coordinator of “STEPPING OUT”, which Mentors and Advocates for Children, Youth and Women who desire to STEP OUT of the Sex Trade and the Maze of Human Trafficking.

A zest for Life and “paying it forward”, hobbies do include the Culinary Arts, a Certified PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, a former Equestrian Rider and the BOLD completion of the CN Tower EDGE WALK!  Eduarda lives in Toronto with her husband Larry and their two sons, Chayodom and Natanael.

Joined the FPCBP Board in 2016 – former Vice-President 2017-2018