Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall

Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall

CN Tower Edge-Walker, born in New York, U.S.A. and proud member of a Family Legacy, which embraces their Portuguese-Italian Heritage, Eduarda Lee Sousa-Lall has an attitude for gratitude! Eduarda studied at the University of Toronto and received her Masters in Anthropology and Archaeology with a Minor in Languages.

A “Mover and Shaker” of HOPE and Kindness, Advocate, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator & an Applied Anthropologist to STOP Human Trafficking, Eduarda is a Graduate of the World Vision Canada L.E.A.P. Program. As well as, a volunteer at the Haven on the Queensway, the “HOPE With WHEELS” team offers Hope and feeds the Homeless across the GTA.

A Member of the Adoption Council of Ontario, Eduarda is an Advocate for the Adoption Community, focusing on International Adoption and Canadian Immigration Laws. Whilst, fostering a more cohesive rapport between the Adoption Community and the Canadian Government.

Eduarda combines both her Humanitarian advocacy and Entrepreneurial vocation as a Business Relationship Marketing Strategist through the Greener Still Way.

A zest for Life and “Paying It Forward”, hobbies include the Culinary Arts Program, a Certified PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and retired Equestrian Rider. Eduarda is a “Mom with a Mission” and lives in Toronto with her husband Larry and their two sons.

Joined the FPCBP Board in 2016 – former Vice-President 2017-2018 – President 2018-2021.