Portuguese Heritage Project

Portuguese History and Heritage month is an initiative that FPCBP is committed to and as part of this commitment we have taken on the job of engaging Portuguese youth in communities across Ontario in understanding, appreciating and celebrating our cultural history and heritage in Ontario and Canada – resulting in the preservation of, and contribution to, Ontario’s unique cultural diversity by:

  • development and implementation of a youth outreach program that transfers knowledge and appreciation for cultural history to youth and the broader community;
  • engaging youth in the creation of tools and aids that celebrate and document historical events and heritage contributions to Ontario and Canada
  • preserving the celebration of “Portuguese History & Heritage Month” as proclaimed by the Ontario legislature in 2002 for years to come

Through this program we have been able to:

  • Engage Portuguese youth, the business community and broader community participation in recognizing and celebrating Portuguese history and heritage;
  • Undertake community outreach initiatives to profile the contribution Portuguese citizens have made to Ontario – thus Broaden awareness of Portuguese History & Heritage through public awareness activities;
  • Support the transfer of knowledge and skills that foster good citizenship of youth within the Portuguese community and within the broader community
  • Develop and populate with research, stories and projects a Portuguese History & Heritage in Ontario website.
  • Provide for long-term sustainability of the initiative via the development and implementation of a self-sufficiency model.

In 2004, with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Federation of Portuguese Business and Professionals was pleased to announce its 1st Annual Essay Contest as part of its “Portuguese History and Heritage Project”. In 2006, through the support of various community businesses, the Federation independently funded and managed a successful 3rd Annual Essay Contest.

This project seeks to contribute to the preservation, celebration and promotion of Portuguese community heritage and the enhancement of pride and self-esteem among youth of Portuguese Canadian background.